Don’t let the Tree be the only thing Lit this festive season..

We at foxandbow are already taking inspiration from the fashion shows for a little twist on hairstyles this coming festive season. You may think we are running too far ahead, I don’t know about you but I am already thinking  about nights out over the festive season and what hairstyles I would love to try from up styles to blow-drys to partings and I am lucky to have this talented bunch to help me.

So, whilst I have been extensive;y stalking what is in for winter! would not be like me.! There are many things to take into consideration when it comes to hair, colour and length . 

hair by Caren Cullen


Hair by Caren Cullen

Volume is a top trending look when it comes to winter and the festive season brings out the sparkly nature in us all.

At Jeremy Scott the trend was all wild beauty of the soul and most designers caught on to this. All designers think about what way the hair is going to be styled at each show they do and it is great to see old and new styles making there way into our modern day. 




Serena doing a wave in Shannon’s hair this morning.




Hair at foxandbow

So with Christmas fast approaching I have chosen some favourites as the season of sparkle is near. 

Some of the Hair styles rocking LFW, NYFW to MFW

Wavy hair seems to be the style of the season by the fashionistas at LFW and NYFW, looks good whether you have long or short hair.


Aimee Song Blogger never gets it wrong and always rocks the wave no matter the outfit. I have seen Aimee’s Hairdresser use a heated Barrel as Aimee has natural straight hair it sits and lasts better for her.



After NY & London the fashion pack arrived at Milan where super long length more natural hair was sported. 





The lob seems to be here to stay in 2017 ladies but the Milan ladies were rocking the longer more natural locks.




Andie Mac Dowell at the Bottega Venetta show in Milan. So for all you Fashionistas out there what favourite style will you be rocking this season. 

NYFW is heating up

As four weeks of fashion week kicks of in NY there is plenty of inspo away from the catwalks. We get to see first hand what the lovely ladies in fashion and blogging are wearing to the shows. 







So as the shows heat up so does the style on the streets rushing back and forth between shows. Day 3 has shown some great hair and fashion. 


The Cold Never bothered me anyway..

Changing the Tone of your hair colour seasonally – I suppose in the same way we change our make-up and Wardrobe.

With hair colour even going one of two shades to something warmer we have to also switch up our hair products.


Winter is coming and even though we tend to dread it and only because of darker mornings and shorter days. But I do love the fact that cozy evenings in front of the fire and wrapping up to go out are ahead. So, I am sucking it up !!


I think the rose copper is here to stay for winter as it is a fab warm shade. 

We all should use less heat in our hair come Winter, having treatments at least once a week as there will be days when we pop on a hat and like our skin in Winter hair can dry out and lack moisture, so with our skin care our hair care should be seasonal as well. 


Try and wear hair out at least twice a week and monthly treatments containing protein will give your hair the boost it needs to stay replenished . 

Switching over to a more Hydrating family like Pureology’s Hydrate range, I am going to start using this now that my soleil is gone. 


It is literally bringing the spa to your home for hydrating hair. Indulge yourself in peppermint essential aromatherapy fragrances. 

Included in this family is Hydrate whip optimum moisture hair masque. This luxurious masque provides optimal hydration to parched strands without weighing hair down. 



So!!! As sweater weather is coming, it means its time to switch up our hair and hair care.


The messy Ponytail done right…

The ponytail great when on a bad hair day or just after washing but even more so when you want to have your hair off your face kind day.


Gigi is working this sleek high ponytail, product is a must for stray hairs we would use Kerastase Mousse bouffante and to set a spritz of Kerastase Laque Couture spray.


A little parting goes along way, love the twisted ponytail using a metallic clip to finish the look.


Alicia and Kylie are working the knotted bubble ponytail , Alicia has more tugged out of place are we brave enough.


This more textured ponytail really works if trying to show off the back of an outfit let loose at the end.


Of course Kim K was sure to have rocked the braided ponytail being the Kardashians are major fans of the Braid , love how this is a bit undone to her usual sleeker up-styles.

Having the right products depending on style will really help hold any style and the couture styling range from Kerastase will help increase volume and reach new hair heights an incredible styling range.

Fashion Locks

The bank Holiday has left us and I am not sure how any of you gals are feeling with it being muggy, humid and raining but I am over it on this rainy Tuesday so I have put my inspo hat on and I am already along with AW16-17 shows feeling like (no pun intended) ”Winter is coming” !

Some street looks a la fashion week

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Now we are going to talk about the magic of matching our hairstyle to our outfit , these girls are on point at paris fashion week strolling the streets between shows.


You can change an outfit by the way you wear your hair. I love how this is styled with a Blow-dry. 


Loving the kaftan with this style these ladies are working their looks. 


So much love for this look below:) 


Miroslava Duma day 1 of fashion week looking as fab as always, she is one of my fave style inspo to follow.

In a sea of OTT street style some inspiration for you fellow style fanatics. 

The middle part, is the best part..

Being a girl that always had my hair to the side even with a fringe I even rocked a comb over at one stage:) I have a new found love for parting my hair in the middle thanks to the stylists here at foxandbow they have wicked hair ideas and I have transitioned to parting my hair in the middle and they have made it so easy. 


Some of my fave hairstyles at the moment are middle parting with ponytail. This is an instant update to your hair you can tease out some hair for that “oh this”? I just threw this up. 


Long hair this style is so feminine. 

Sleek simple Ponytail is a great way to spice up your ponytail  and when you have secured with elastic or hair tie ”we recommend invisi-bobble to avoid breakage” wrap a section of hair around the ponytail and secure with a hair grip. day to night look if you are looking to keep hair off your face. 

I have a middle part now with a fringe and I really do love it Megan has been styling it for me and there are so many different styles you can do with it yourself at home, ask your hairdresser for advice even the smallest change makes a huge difference if you feel stuck in a hair rut.


All the loves for my new fringe 


Middle part with low bun

If you have long hair or even shoulder length hair my fave style is a wavy Blow-dry.



This is a great way to wear hair if you are outgrowing a fringe. 

The middle part is my fave part at the moment xx 

Olivia Palermo style file..

Not a single bad outfit or hairstyle has been worn by Olivia, she sets the bar high when it comes to street style.


Arriving at Elie Saab SS16 in style, loving the sleek hair and  deeper parting.


I mean there are no words for how perfect this length and style even the gloss with that blunt kink. 


Here Olivia has gone brighter and the beach wave sets off her outfit, she is the epitome of a classic girl that hits all the bases. 


This style works great when you have greasy roots and sleeked middle parting. From head to toe Olivia always hits the nail on the head from the awards, FW, or just hitting the streets of New York. 

Fashion on the street #streetstyle


My biggest search on Pinterest is Street style, I always get my hair and fashion Inspo. Walk around your city any given day and I bet you will admire someone you see. The best time for fashion and hair Inspo is fashion week and you will find it on the streets of Paris, London, New York and Milan.


Loving how she is working this outfit and hair, just hanging out on the phone looking cool as you do. 


How cool is this look, full fringe just really sets this off. You could be halfway between thinking ok I could look like I was helping my friend paint her gaff and running straight to your nearest salon to get a fringe in.. 


I have a love for mom jeans I really do, hair in a bun really sets off this look. Planning your hair with an outfit is key and I love the shirt backwards with hair up. 


Loving how they co-ordinated they are besties.

Street Style at its best from head to toe.


Sleek hair will be a big thing this spring/summer these girls are chic.


Spot of shopping hair sleeked back and braided ponytail, Not just for School days. 


We all love a pop of colour and this is a day to night look , bomber jackets have made a big appearance this season who would have thought we would be wearing one with a skirt. My fave length of hair right now. 


Traffic stopping hair. 

The best thing about street style is creativity, look around next time you are strolling through the city. 

Hair you may want to steal..


Sienna Miller, queen of boho, it girl, turned hollywood starlet. Can we just take a moment to swoon over her lovely self. 


centre parting face framing layers of hair envy.



Sienna Miller

Fringe love


From the street walk to Hollywood Sienna rocks blonde, blonde and more blonde. We love this textured short cut that she can pin up and  has this air of understated gorgeousness. Sexiness is when people are most comfortable with themselves and Sienna is just that.

To help you create Hollywood Hair Loreal have a range of products that are designed for just perfect wave and curl.


Hollywood waves range is designed perfectly for red carpet hair, Megan’s fave to use when doing my hair is Spiral Queen


Spiral Queen nourishing mousse, contouring curls €16.99 in salon. Steal the spotlight with this amazing mousse.


Siren Waves, defining elasto-cream €16.99 in salon, which offers curls with definition and illuminating the look of the hairs natural shine. 

Amazing range of styling products to steal the spotlight.