The Cold Never bothered me anyway..

Changing the Tone of your hair colour seasonally – I suppose in the same way we change our make-up and Wardrobe.

With hair colour even going one of two shades to something warmer we have to also switch up our hair products.


Winter is coming and even though we tend to dread it and only because of darker mornings and shorter days. But I do love the fact that cozy evenings in front of the fire and wrapping up to go out are ahead. So, I am sucking it up !!


I think the rose copper is here to stay for winter as it is a fab warm shade. 

We all should use less heat in our hair come Winter, having treatments at least once a week as there will be days when we pop on a hat and like our skin in Winter hair can dry out and lack moisture, so with our skin care our hair care should be seasonal as well. 


Try and wear hair out at least twice a week and monthly treatments containing protein will give your hair the boost it needs to stay replenished . 

Switching over to a more Hydrating family like Pureology’s Hydrate range, I am going to start using this now that my soleil is gone. 


It is literally bringing the spa to your home for hydrating hair. Indulge yourself in peppermint essential aromatherapy fragrances. 

Included in this family is Hydrate whip optimum moisture hair masque. This luxurious masque provides optimal hydration to parched strands without weighing hair down. 



So!!! As sweater weather is coming, it means its time to switch up our hair and hair care.


Pureology- serious colour care


To Pureology , sustainability is a long term commitment to minimising the negative environmental impact of their products from the ingredients to the raw materials that compromise packaging to the effect their products have on the environment during and after use. 


In minimising the environmental impact through water conservation, water reduction and reduced eco-toxicity. In animal rights, Pureology products are never tested on animals. Bottles are made of 50% post consumer recycled materials and are 100% recyclable .



Diversion is when products are sold in ‘unauthorised’ places. Pureology products are sold exclusively in salons and spas. 


Pureology Shampoos are free from sulphates formulated with naturally derived coconut, corn and sugar to gentle cleanse while maximising colour retention. 

Surfactants are an essential part of a shampoos cleansing system. The shampoos have a gentle and protective sulphate free system. Free from harsh colour stripping agents and no added salt. Preserve colour and deliver optimum condition.

100% vegan formulas are made with plants extracts. 


Created especially for professional colourists and their clients, Pureology is a salon haircare brand unlike any other.

Custom colour care systems are the cornerstone of pureology. The exclusive anti-fade complex with antioxidants and full spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreens helps colour treated hair retain its fresh from the salon vibrancy.

Below are the products we have in stock:



HYDRATE RANGE – gives dry, parched colour treated hair the restoration moisture and care it needs. Exclusive Anti-fade complex with green tea, hydrating jojoba. 


STRENGTH CURE – Gives damaged colour treated hair the healing help it needs with pasta repair restore internal strength.


PURE VOLUME – With wheat protein and eucalyptus formulas weightlessly elevate strands with anti fade complex signature aromatherapy blend of musk, amber, peach and jasmine. 


PERFECT 4 PLATINUM – Clarifies and strengthens fragile, highlighted and highly lifted hair for added brilliance with a signature blend of pear, peony and vanilla.

78% stronger hair after one application. 


Precious Oil- For brittle, dull colour treated hair. 


PURIFY- For all hair types of colour treated hair without stripping, enriched with hazel, baking soda and tea tree oil removes impurities and build up. Exclusive anti fade complex with tea tree oil, rosemary and witch hazel. 


COLOUR FANATIC- 21 essential benefits in just one bottle. A multi tasking leave in treatment that primes, protects and perfects in an instant.

PRIME- Protects against colour fade

Instantly detangles 

Moisturises and weightlessly conditions 

Ideal cutting lotion

PROTECT- Prevents split ends

Prevents breakage from brushing

Shields against environmental damage

PERFECT- Smoothes out hair surface

Helps seal hair cuticle 

Reduces dryness and contracts frizz

Adds shine 


FULLFYL- 3 step hair thickening system creates full bodied hair, with intracylane for a densifying effect with phytoblend for optimal colour vibrancy and thicker hair. 


STRENGHT CURE- Strengthening repair for micro scarred damaged hair. Formulated with out exclusive pasta-repair. Creamy formula helps heal and provides the perfect balance of strength and velvety softness. 

Pureology is the most advanced formula to safeguard your hair colour. If you want to know more about this fantastic range we are exclusively stocking in the salon ask your Colourist/stylist next time you are in the salon. 

Innovative Hair Colour..


At Foxandbow our mantra is always hair care and most girls will tell you they have had some major dye-induced damage to their hair in their lifetime. 

Introducing INOA an immonia free in salon permanent hair colour system by L’oreal Professional- INOA is short for Innovation no ammonia. INOA is a hair colour line that replaces ammonia with a “minimal amount” of MEA & oil hence the term ODS which is an oil delivery system.


3 reasons we love INOA – ‘smell, hair reaction and range of colour’. 

Ammonia is used in hair colour to open up the hair fiber so it absorbs dye better, smell is awful so get rid of ammonia, get rid of smell. ODS- oil delivery system- that uses oil molecules to more gently open the hair shaft to absorb dye.


Range of colour, more range and more natural hair colour looks. The ingredients in INOA preserve lipids (natural condition of hair) much better than ammonia can. 

L’oreal is responding to a market that is demanding ”cleaner” hair products. Discover INOA at foxandbow, with the expertise of your hairdresser and an in-depth colour consultation to achieve the perfect shade for you. 

Creating Trend worthy looks…


Redken styling products are now available in the salon and we already have a few favourites that are living up to their name. Achieve any look with styling products especially formulated for straightening, shine, volume, texture and curls.

Models, style icons and fashion bloggers who inspire redken looks and trends and have put their name to this fabulous brand. 


Suki Waterhouse- model & actress.


Lizzy Jagger – Model, producer and rock royalty. 


Lea T – Model & anti-bullying campaigner.

Redone products are available in 43 countries around the world. I will go through some of our faves from this fantastic  trend setting brand. 

Redken extreme anti-snap is an award winning leave in conditioner for damaged hair, split ends and breakage. This is my favourite especially as I tend to heat style a lot it provides heat protection, reduces breakage by 75%


Redken guts 10 root volumizing foam styling spray boosts up hair for added volume.


Redken control addict 28 – extra strong hold anti-humidity hair spray for 24hr hold without residue or flaking. 


Redken pillow proof Blow-dry primer spray that perfectly primes hair and cuts blow-dry time which is a big fat yes for me. This Blow-dry range also has a two-day extender oil absorbing dry shampoo. 

Give your hair a salon finish at home. 

Tips & Tricks to help with and prevent Sunburned Scalp


With the hot weather we have been blessed with of late (Scorchio) we all rushed to pick up the factor but we forget sometimes how sensitive our scalp is and needs protection also. 

Lets just say that painful stinging, itching, flakey irritated scalp can be avoided. Without having to constantly bung on a sun hat there are a few tips and tricks to looking cool and avoiding the Burn.


During the summer hair is exposed more than usual to the UV light. I swear by Kerastase Soleil Aqua-seal I apply every day wet or before Blow-dry and I find this helps fight all elements . I pull back into a bun or braid down the centre avoid the side braids as this leaves scalp exposed. 


Another genius hack is to combine one tablespoon of SPF50 lotion or spray into a half cup of water and mix together you can apply with fingers by rubbing into scalp or use a water spray bottle before sun exposure. 


If you have been unlucky and have burned your scalp this week then to prevent peeling in the scalp an exfoliating shampoo is a must avoid anything containing sulphates as this could irritate the scalp more.


Kerastase Chronologiste is a Pre shampoo for exfoliating the scalp this is amazing even for product build up.


Kerastase Bain Exfoliant Hydrant shampoo, scalp is soothed and rehydrated. 

Try and skip the hot water , hot water and a sunburned scalp is no good after your shower try and soak the scalp with cool water or lukewarm do not try and freeze the head off yourself. 


Easier said than done but try and avoid heat styling to let scalp settle down as it would be more sensitive and only drys out the scalp even more.

We all know the only full proof way to avoid the dreaded scalp burn is a scarf or hat but sometimes we need a break from hat head and these tips and tricks will help avoid that burn.

Happy Sunny Days xx 

Effects of Hard water on your hair

Our colourists quite frequently come across a client that is having trouble with dry, damaged, frizzy hair that has a green tinge and they do not know why this is happening. 

Do you live in a hard water area? if so, then the problem lays in your water. Although it is tested not to be bad for your health it is bad for your hair and sometimes skin. 


Copper pipe with build up inside pipe

Hard water is water that has a high mineral content, hard water over time creates a scaly film on the hair. This in tail prevents moisture from entering the hair resulting in dry, dull, tangly and a strange colour in the hair. 

So we need a solution? This is the advice from Michelle & Carol, they recommend a water softener it is a great but expensive way to solve hard water  worries. While installing a water softener is expensive believe me it is extremely useful.

A less expensive solution is a shower filter a cheaper alternative which can reduce lime scale. There are many different types of shower filters that can attach to your shower unit.

The last option would be to use bottled water for the final rinse when washing hair. 

These options will save you having the worry of discoloured hair that is unruly and adding a mask to your routine we recommend the Kerastase Soleil range it works very well for preventing elements in our environment damaging hair. 


Organ Oil added before styling will leave hair super shiny and will moisturise hair. 

You need water to shampoo your hair and hard water makes it harder life is hard enough. 

Take the holy grail home


Super excited that now we are stocking Olaplex Hair perfector at home treatment.

This is a less potent version of the salon-exclusive that can be used every ten days to resuscitate dry, damaged hair from bleaching.

We all need moisture in our hair but No 3 does something different . It is reparative, it rebuilds, reconnects those broken disulfide bonds. 

Recommended time on instructions is 10mins but you can leave this in the hair for 1hr-2hrs depending on extent of damage just ask your colourist what they recommend. 


I brought this gem home with me the other day, applied and left overnight, it is not a conditioner, it is simple a continuation of the olaplex in-salon service. I applied and left over night and I am hooked this little miracle in a bottle is like an insurance policy outside and in between hair colour appointments.

No matter what we say, we are girls we are going to use straighteners, blow-dry without heat protector , brush repeatedly , go on holidays and sit in the sun without a hat sometimes. the 3-4 or 4-6 weeks between service buy this I highly recommend this product, I really wish Olaplex was around when I started colouring my hair. If you asked me who should use this product? EVERYONE would be my answer. 

Rinse to reveal super shiny silky smooth hair this is a steal at €34. 


Good Hair Times & Tan Lines..

Summer being around the corner we all get Influenced when days are longer mornings are brighter summer is coming and whether we are holidaying at home or summery climates we want brighter hair and a new hair style all round 

The adventure of holidays brings out the adventure in us all.

But whilst we are thinking about what we are packing Bikini (Check) Factor (check) Passport (check) lets not forget about the more important skin and hair care. 

As our hair is a reflection of ourselves styling it on holidays can be a nightmare but armed with the right products, tools and accessories should make things a bit easier from days spent by the pool or sea to the evenings where humidity is not our friend. 

A blog I did on Kerastase Soleil a must have range for holidays, I adore this product line.

Elixir Ultime – This is amazing it is extremely nourishing it is a must for women with hair texture and in any types of humidity! 


Kerastase Discipline line- Tames Frizz, helps control frizz & gives you the softest hair.


Some styling products to take that work magic one being the Kerastase Spray a Porter- for that wavy beach effect. Spray all over  damp or dry hair. Can leave hair dry naturally or heat style.


Form Fatale – For that long lasting Blow-dry result. Apply a pea sized amount to towel dried hair massage into hair before styling. 

Now, the how and what will I do style or accessory wise with my hair. Some looks I like to try when away to protect my hair.

Bandana, silk scarf, tying hair up and away from face and neck will help keep cool and also done right can be pretty cool. Some looks below




Some looks loving the bright colours they make a statement. 

The trusted chic summer hat, whether wide brimmed or fedora it is a great way to protect hair and face and feel stylish. 



Some that I came across whilst shopping for my holibobs




And always if you are lucky enough to be able to Braid your own hair it is a trusted style, I use Kerastase Aqua seal this is waterproof and UV Filter technology protects hair against sun, salt and chlorinated water. Apply before braid or any other styling in sun and out of sun can be used for dry or toweled hair. 


So summer we are ready for you if you would like to come sooner thats ok:) 

#getblownaway for ISPCC

Amy+resized+for+websiteAngela Scanlon for the Get

We are delighted to be part of the #getblownaway campaign.
Professional hair salons up and down the country are taking part in the Get Blown Away fundraiser for ISPCC Childline, supported by L’Oréal and RTÉ 2fm. Over the three days from Thursday 26th until Saturday 28th of May, each participating salon will donate the cost of one blow dry by each hairdresser who is taking part to ISPCC Childline. Ask your hairdresser to take part and book your appointment today!

The campaign ambassadors are actress Amy Huberman; radio presenter and TV personality Jennifer Maguire; TV and radio presenter Angela Scanlon; TV and radio presenter Eoghan McDermott and 2FM DJ Tracy Clifford.

Eoghan Mc Dermott for the

On being part of the campaign Amy said, “I am delighted to be involved in the Get Blown Away for Childline fundraising event. What an easy and enjoyable way to support a great cause, by getting your hair done! Hats off to all the wonderful stylists donating the proceeds of blow-drys in salons all over Ireland. Support Get Blown Away for Childline and look Good, Feel Good!”

Angela Scanlon agrees saying “I’m so pleased to support this brilliant initiative by hairdressers all over Ireland. Remember, getting your hair done is not just a treat, now it’s your duty to have a blow dry on May 26th-28th to support Childline!”

Participants are encouraged to post a ‘before and after’ picture online with the hashtag #GetBlownAway and join in the fun, go straight or go curly: feel good – do good this May 26th – 28th!

Childline is the only 24-hour listening service which seeks to support and empower children and young people in Ireland. Last year, Childline had conversations with almost 400,000 children and young people who contacted the service for help and advice with wide-ranging serious issues, including abuse, violence, exploitation, addiction and suicide. That is an astounding 1,089 contacts by children a day, on issues that no child should encounter.

The Get Blown Away fundraising project will help raise vital funds to ensure that ISPCC Childline services are ready to provide support for more brave young people, who desperately need to talk to someone. We need YOUR help!

Get booking your #getblownaway app today.

The Holy Grail has happened…


Olaplex is the healer your hair has been waiting for.

Olaplex pushes the envelope further without compromising your hair. Founder Dean Christal teamed up with two of the world’s leading PHD’s in materials and chemistry, Dr. Eric Pressly and Dr. Craig Hawker. This dream team invented a single ingredient that links broken bonds in the hair during and after chemical services making them stronger than they were before. The proof is in the pudding with Olaplaex. 


Hair before and after being treated with Olaplex.  


By adding directly into lightner or colour after rinsing applying the Olaplaex Bond Perfector for 5mins then rinse and condition. 

Olaplex is now taking salons by storm, hair just keeps getting better . The magic works from the inside out to strengthen , condition and literally reconnect the hair strand. 

Kim Kardashian used Olaplex when going platinum Blonde this product allowed her to go so many shades brighter without damaging her hair. 


Kim loves Olaplex, ”it completely transformed my hair” This treatment is why Kim’s hair is in great condition (sold).. 


We are offering this as a new salon service at foxandbow, with colour priced at €35

Olaplex as a treatment in salon including blow-dry for €35. 

Guess what I am using at my next colour appointment 🙂