The Extenioniste is an amazing new range launched by Kerastase 

Let me tell you ladies it is an exceptional product range that is a must have. Extend your hair limits with their 90 day hair program designed to optimise and reinforce the lengths of your hair and more so if you have damaged hair. 

Hair springs from the living scalp and hangs on until its cut, breaks or sheds. But when you get right down to it hair is organic matter. The Extenioniste routine targets roots lengths and ends. Stimulates the scalp, then detangles lengths while reinforcing an dealing ends. 


Millie Mackintosh is the ultimate style & beauty ambassador Millie has been using the range and she relies on it because it works, below Millie shows us ladies how its done 


After washing and conditioning with Extenioniste apply 3 drops to wet hair at the root.

Massage into scalp and waalaa leave -in and style. 

A few times a week it is a good idea to treat the scalp to this ceramide rich serum. 

On your next visit to the salon we will be happy to add it into your services but highly recommend you try at home you will see the difference in your hair I promise 



Never Give up on your Hair…

We have had an amazing product land on our laps this morning in foxandbow and research and from speaking with  Chloe who has worked with this product before so I have been grilling her and well! I think it may be a solution for many of us out there that have experienced thinning hair through no fault of our own maybe Pregnancy, blocked hair follicles, hormonal or even those that would answer? I don’t know why and if we were given something that would help? would we take it? ‘Hell yes we would’!


Cerafill is the first professional solution that provides both instant and long term results. 

Dr.Nicole Rogers, a board certified Dermatologist, a hair transplant surgeon and expert in male/female pattern hair thinning.

Have a look here on the link below;

884486177551CerafillRetaliateShampoo 884486177728CerafillRetaliateConditioner

Cerafill Retaliate Shampoo & Conditioner 

Stimulating Shampoo for scalp invigoration the stimulating menthol formula gently cleanses to remove impurities and follicle-clogging sebum. 

Conditioner – extra lightweight cream-gel helps advanced thinning hair. 

Safe for colour/chemically treated hair. Chloe recommend that using this product through pregnancy decreases the amount of hair loss and thinning you may experience afterwards. 

Cerafill Dense FX hair diameter thickening treatment spray


This little genius is for all hair types so an all rounder product. Instantly plumps individual strands for fullness. It is like gaining 9,000 more hairs after one use *WOW* Strengthens hair fibre to prevent breakage. 

Safe for colour and chemically treated hair. 

Cerafill Topical Solution


Hair re-densifying treatment for advanced thinning hair. Results may be visible for women after using for a few months. 

You can use this product on wet or dry hair, 1 full pipette of the serum per section you feel you need it, it contains 5% Stemoxydine the latest development in hair growth.

This range is now available in salon exciting hair times to come. 

Stand out from the crowd..


Keune Colour Craving is a professional salon treatment that can be topped up at home. 


Keune colour craving is available in 8 fabulous colours from soft pastels to vivid vibrants that beautifully fade.





There are so many shades to choose from, we have them available to purchase in the salon for only €20.


Now all you have to do is decide which colour tickles your fancy 🙂 

Kerastase Gift


Give your loved one the best Christmas present ever with our vast range of Kerastase products personally made up to suit you whatever your budget. 

Kerastase luxury hair care products always meet the needs of every hair type. 

Some examples of what we have under our tree at Foxandbow.


Kerastase Chronologiste range is a deeply nourishing Restorative Hair treatment for all hair types, the finest haircare range ever created by Kerastase. With a luxurious mix of vital concentrate pearls and Abyssine, caviar with revitalise locks with shine, softness and bounce.


Elixir Ultime Range contains a host of rich and intense professional oils, serums and treatments that deeply penetrate your hair and leave you with replenished vibrant looking hair. With every two Kerastase products purchased you receive a Kerastase Candle, we have added it here to our Elixir set that we made up.


Kerastase Pro Fiber Revive range an intense treatment for fine, normal to slightly damaged hair. The home care range works to prolong the effects of the in salon treatment we have 3 levels available in this amazing range. I am using the Pro Fiber recover for medium or thick hair to coarse hair and I love it. 

Whatever your budget we will personally make up a gift box for you, pop into salon and we will be more than happy to help you. 

Give the Gift of Luxury

Christmas Vouchers

Say ”I love you” This Christmas with a foxandbow Gift Voucher! 

  • Buy €120 worth of FoxandBow Light Vouchers for €100 (limited stock)
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Contact us for details. Phone us +353 61 400 004 or Email us here.


To get the very most out of your consultation with a stylist and your salon experience be open and honest, communication is key. You often hear a friend or someone you know say ” I do not like my haircut” ”I can not manage it” We at foxandbow do not want any client to feel like this, so we will be honest about what is manageable for you.

Some Tips when you are thinking of having a new cut/colour now or in the future. Requesting a cut that you simply wont have the time to properly style at home, whether it be too time consuming or does not suit your life-style. Same goes for colour, if you think you will more likely come in every six months ( instead of typical 4-6 weeks) then we suggest a colour that is best to what you want but requires less up keep.  Be honest, if you like a particular celebrity’s style, what is it about him/her can you identify with? Hair type? appearance? Style? Try not to overwhelm yourself with pictures pick your 3 pictures and the stylist can determine the common denominator to narrow it down to figure out what it is you like and can suggest a variation that is best for you.


TRUST your stylist, remember that they are  a professional whose job it is to make you look good and can fit in with your lifestyle.  Do not be afraid, we want to get to know you and all about you not just you’r hair..


Gifts made easy

photo (60)

We at fox&bow love to make gift ideas that bit easier for you and we aim to not disappoint.
Moroccanoil Limited Gift Sets
Moroccanoil Treatment oil
Moisture Repair Shampoo & Conditioner
Intense Hydrating Mask
Every Moroccanoil product is designed to be both simple and effective – with authentic ingredients that leave hair looking and feeling healthier.. 
Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner xx 

Rapunzel Foundation

We are honoured to be registered as one of the 200 salons across Ireland with the Rapunzel foundation. This amazing foundation started in 2009 when a mother was growing her hair to send to New Zealand towards her daughters wig. Here an idea was born and now it has grown and is a foundation that not only gives wigs for children and adults but gives confidence, confidence to live life uninhibited  without fear of dancing, swimming and playing sports.

It takes between 15 and 25 ponytails to make one of these special wigs, some people organise to be sponsored when they are having their hair cut, which helps fund the wigs for people. The salon cuts the hair free of charge and we had the lovely, sweet Eva Mc Cormack yesterday who has been growing her hair for this Foundation and smiled the whole way through and we think she is a superstar.

The Rapunzel Foundation is supported by Wella and The Irish Hairdressers magazine and Salons Nationwide, if you are interested in fundraising and growing your hair for such a worthy cause check out this link.


Sian Costelloe has been growing her hair forever and decided to donate her hair to the Rapunzel Foundation.

Sia Before:


The brave process of giving for a great cause:



Taa daa 🙂




We had another very brave young girl yesterday in the salon who after seeing the Rapunzel foundation on tv decided ”I could do that” and donated her ponytail for this amazing cause, for these young girls to make such a grown up decision still amazes me. Meet Kelly, fearless and brave.


You got this Sis 🙂


15” of hair Kelly has donated to give towards a wig , it takes 6-10 ponytails to make just one wig.


We love the hair kelly and we have a smile with her new do.