The dreamiest hairstyles to wear to your next summer wedding

Going to a wedding this summer June, July, August? We are here to give you something less to be worrying about if you are still deciding what to wear. 

Dreamy summer styles.


FACE FRAMING WAVES – Creates texture and movement to frame the face this is up there on my favourites of up styles for a wedding or ball. Caren has worked her magic she is the queen of up styles.  

My hair by Caren Cullen

RAKED BACK WITH A TWIST UPDO- You don’t have to have long hair to pull this off, a soft twist. Well! As long as your hairdresser has a ton of hair clips and magic hands and a touch of hairspray. 


SOFT BRAIDED UPSTYLE – If you are looking for an effortless up style the braided up style should be considered. Whether it be a mess up do, soft or loose its a winner for boho or adding sunshine. 


 Above: Hair by Caren Cullen

ROMANTIC CHIGNON- The word ”Chignon” comes from the french phrase ”Chignon du cow” which means nape of the neck. 

Below: Hair by Caren Cullen

LOOSE & NATURAL CURL – Works a treat if you are opting for a fascinator. 


Day old hair is better for styling , it contains natural oils a good tip to remember when having it up or wanded. 


Start dreaming up the perfect finishing touches to your outfit. 




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