Halloween can be all about that hairstyle..

I do not spend 365 days a year deciding should I go out for halloween or get to go to a fancy dress deciding what I would go as (Kinda do) ! 


My fave time of year because lets face it, its the funniest time not just for kids to let their fun side out . Just some ideas for you ladies if you are still wondering what to dress up as.


This is maybe the easiest to put together some side buns plaited if you wish and long dress. 

I dream of Genie or also Princess Jasmine this style works for both 

Princess Jasmine just twist the hair at the side and wrap it round a band.

Medusa or mermaid 

Sun and Moon I love the icy hair with this.

Doe a Deer you get the rest.


Glitter Roots

Dear Unicorn Admirers 


The classic Audrey Hepburn “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” 

Halloween costumes are not finished off without the hairstyle I hope you ladies got some inspo for your Halloween nights the funnest time of year is near.


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