Babylights, Balayage to Strandlighting

A new colour made its debut on IG created by Liz Haven.

No more blocky highlights enter strand lighting all about things Au natural. Strand lighting focuses on the hairline for a natural , sun-kissed finish that fades out seamlessly. 


Think of them as the youngest sibling of baby lights. Only require about a third of the density. 

They are worked through diagonally to produce more natural looking end result. Strand lights are used for detailing on ombre or Balayage or touching up highlights.

But, this technique is also ideal for those who want to blend in grey while utilising their natural pigment. 

Secrets to natural hair anyone 



Bad Ass Braids

Best thing about Summer is all the braids. If you have already mastered the skill yourself of the box braid or boho halo braid some of us need the professional hand especially for the pieces of art I have come across below. 


Braids have been used for years in many cultures they are works of art creating patterns takes skill. 


All my creative juices flow when I am scrolling through Pinterest and see the girls knocking out bad ass braids in work.


Some inspo for your next braid style 

the fringe files

Hairstyles with a fringe can give that sex appeal. Fringes are a lovely framer for your face and below from heavy to middle parting you may take the leap on your next haircut appointment.


It is a knack to blow-dry your fringe, once you have the right tools it is half the battle. Always blow-dry from side to side with a paddle brush. Always apply a heat protectant you will only need a tiny bit as too much product will make it greasy or weigh it down. Your hair is at its most fragile when wet so blasting it off slightly.  Keep brushing back and forth side to side with paddle brush and hairdryer facing downwards. 



effing life changing ways to use hair grips..

No beauty kit is complete without a grip..

These babies are a girls must have and you will have seen them used on the runways as accessory statements on hair. For better grip this was life changing for me when I realised I have been using these grips the wrong way like for half my life !!


For better grip, turn the hair grip over so that the wavy side is against your head – Life changing

Always insert the grips the wavy side down. 

Another trick is spraying the grip with hairspray or texture spray before you use for extra gripping..

Simply and keeps your hair off your face. Twist your hair, and slide the hair grip underneath to pin back if you want it not to be seen. 

Grips are a great for when growing out a fringe as well , you know when those bits are flapping in your face !

Below are some ways grips have been used as statement hair accessories and  how inventive you can go with these genius accessories. 

I hope this has given you a few ideas for your next hair style.

Grips for life !!


The dreamiest hairstyles to wear to your next summer wedding

Going to a wedding this summer June, July, August? We are here to give you something less to be worrying about if you are still deciding what to wear. 

Dreamy summer styles.


FACE FRAMING WAVES – Creates texture and movement to frame the face this is up there on my favourites of up styles for a wedding or ball. Caren has worked her magic she is the queen of up styles.  

My hair by Caren Cullen

RAKED BACK WITH A TWIST UPDO- You don’t have to have long hair to pull this off, a soft twist. Well! As long as your hairdresser has a ton of hair clips and magic hands and a touch of hairspray. 


SOFT BRAIDED UPSTYLE – If you are looking for an effortless up style the braided up style should be considered. Whether it be a mess up do, soft or loose its a winner for boho or adding sunshine. 


 Above: Hair by Caren Cullen

ROMANTIC CHIGNON- The word ”Chignon” comes from the french phrase ”Chignon du cow” which means nape of the neck. 

Below: Hair by Caren Cullen

LOOSE & NATURAL CURL – Works a treat if you are opting for a fascinator. 


Day old hair is better for styling , it contains natural oils a good tip to remember when having it up or wanded. 


Start dreaming up the perfect finishing touches to your outfit. 



Heat products, masks, brushes and all that jazz

If you have been using any heated tool on your hair , a heat protectant product is a must! you should be reaching for it and applying before heat. Heated tools will suck the moisture from your hair. would you apply foundation without a base ? Never!! with waves a plenty still a major trend and especially come summer.



This is specially designed for the Sahara or dry locks. It works like a drink of water , put a dollop through mid lengths to ends before heat.



Provides protection from the moment heat reaches the hair, guilt free leaving a smooth, shiny finish. Research shows users of the Thermique cremes experience 87% less breakage. 


Leave in treatment to prime, protect and perfect with 21 essential benefits in one bottle. If you colour your hair regularly ”Who doesn’t” this is an amazing product.


Adore the Hydrate range an this mask is the best. Safe for colour treated hair you will notice a difference just after one use. 


Created with natural ingredients to repair and protect to prevent or repair dry damaged hair. This indulgent treatment is packed with nutrients such as avocado oil and coconut oil to nourish. 


I don’t know anyone who does not already have a Tangle Teezer in their possession if you do not please get one. They are a saviour to prevent breakage especially when hair is wet. Your hairbrush is the foundation for the health of your hair. 

A wide tooth comb is what you want for detangling especially in the shower, comb through your conditioner or mask.

Great for detangling..

Fine tooth comb is great for styling your fringe or to separate and smooth hair. TIP: get one that is matt not shiny,  a comb with a shine will not give you the grip on the hair. 

Vented brush creates volume these brushes have holes or slits through the back. A great brush when looking to create volume.

Have a look at the guide above 


Colour trends you are going to see everywhere this summer…

Why do you build me up buttercup baby..

BUTTER BLONDE- Warm hue with splashed of honey yellow the sunniest colour and you can opt for this colour with highlights.

If you fancy blonde but no the maintenance, opt for a rooty.. Darkness at the crown allows colour to grow pretty much fuss free. 

CARAMEL KISSED – toffee toned hair is always a chicken dinner somewhere between blonde and brunette there is caramel goodness. Flattering on all complexions

HALO HIGHLIGHTS- Brighten up your complexion by adding some clever colour placement around the face . Defo a face framing highlight of sunny kisses. 

CANDY FLOSS- The sweetest colour that is on trend and semi- permanent. The best of both worlds and summer is the time to play around with pastels. 

If you are changing hair colour or going lighter and adding highlights keep in mind to up your treatments , masks and conditioner aimed at protecting and maintaining your colour.

We have a range available so ask your colourist what they recommend and you will have glossy hair all summer long. 


You are not basic so, why should your brunette be…

Ash Brown hair colour is chic with an edge , it is an amazing way to update your hair colour. 

It is a cool, deep tone without traces of red or gold. This hair colour pops on those who have blue or green eyes. Brown hair does not have to be boring! 

Medium ash brown is ideal for cool, medium skin tones with pink undertones. Medium ash brown has the tints of green and blue underneath that come with ash. 

Looking for an edgy colour change from your brown or blonde hair then this is worth a mention at your next visit to the salon. 




Some Spring/Summer Inspo

Get ready to Screenshot! 

Next time you are in the salon to show your stylist 

The Stunning Victoria Secret model Elsa Hosk rocking the 70’s vibe hairstyle all about the layers. 

Razor sharp cut worn to the side this is a great cut if you are looking to take the bulk out of thick hair. 

If your hair is naturally curly then this S/S embrace it.. If you have not worn it natural in years then take insp from TOWIE beauty Chloe Lewis. 

Tip: invest in a diffuser



Wispy Fringe this is an easy way to update a style and it is very flattering on most. 

Screenshot for your next app in salon 


New hair same you..

I smell a colour update so, Christmas is way behind us we can now embrace lighter shade steps on our future visits to the salon. Especially as the weather warms up. 


Brunettes can go richer from darker hues to lighter hues. Brunettes can be smooched by the sun as well. 

Platinum – still a firm favourite but you have got to protect your hair to maintain shine instead of  dull hair with this colour. 

Sun smooched blonde- The colour thats like your back from a tropical beach and not behind a desk.

Natural- Let there be roots , even the colour you were born with . I myself have been going this route thanks to Michelle and I am loving the results as Balayage gives you the best of both worlds.


Just some visual inspo should you girls need any