Halloween can be all about that hairstyle..

I do not spend 365 days a year deciding should I go out for halloween or get to go to a fancy dress deciding what I would go as (Kinda do) ! 


My fave time of year because lets face it, its the funniest time not just for kids to let their fun side out . Just some ideas for you ladies if you are still wondering what to dress up as.


This is maybe the easiest to put together some side buns plaited if you wish and long dress. 

I dream of Genie or also Princess Jasmine this style works for both 

Princess Jasmine just twist the hair at the side and wrap it round a band.

Medusa or mermaid 

Sun and Moon I love the icy hair with this.

Doe a Deer you get the rest.


Glitter Roots

Dear Unicorn Admirers 


The classic Audrey Hepburn “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” 

Halloween costumes are not finished off without the hairstyle I hope you ladies got some inspo for your Halloween nights the funnest time of year is near.

Toasted coconut is the new way to lighten your locks..

There is a new hair colour trend in town, Toasted Coconut! A cross between brond & Ombre. Toasted coconut will let you hold onto summer hair a little bit longer, especially because the dark roots are perfectly Autumn appropriate. 


What is it? Typically Bronde combined with Blonde tones all about intermingling two popular hair colours.

If you are transitioning into Winter hair this may be one to think about. extra bonus is low Maintenance which is what us ladies love to hear. 


Caren attended fashion week alongside Gareth Bromell with Evo hair, who Gareth is an ambassador for. Gareth’s vision was letting go of perceived standards of beauty and instead focusing on the hair of each individual model. Enhancing the individuals natural hair for Mara Hoffman. 


No rest for the wicked and talented bunch onto the Richard Malone show in London. Richard Malone a 26 year old Irish designer created a collection that will firmly cement his name as an exciting talent to watch. 

The vision for the collection was female power. Gareth was asked to create a look that complemented the just been for a run sweaty look. Models had individual strands of hair adhered to their faces. Gareth called the look sweaty, greasy and a little bit dirty. pinpointing a London girl who’s just been for a run. Girls who empower and work in the city. 


A fashion week is a fashion industry event and lets hope they take me with them next year 🙂 A girl can dream





90’s Trends coming back around

Claw clips and scrunchies seen on the runway for vera wang are making their way back around. Nostalgic much!! if you are not sure how you feel about the return of these 90’s trends then bare with me, especially if you have super thick hair.


Scrunchies we girls wear at home for tying the hair back to wash our faces but I am loving how this trend is back so many adorable colours to wear. 

Alexander Wang is launching his own claw clip, it is coming back! Claw clips are functional but it is all how you wear them. Perhaps you still have a few laying around at the bottom of a drawer! 

Claw clips have been a saviour for us thicker hair ladies and they can be high fashion if you wear them right!

90’s Trends coming back around giving us all the nostalgic feels.

Shiny new trend

A Hairstyle has been a trending Glass hair has officially arrived  It is a transformation of the already popular bob or lob hairstyle.

But it is more refined and sharper in style. This edgy cut has already been embraced by celebrities 

Hailey Baldwin’s stylist shared her method for the perfect glass hair she uses Kerastase Ciment thermique 

This gem of a product is a thermo-protecting blow-dry and heat styling cream designed to treat and protect weakened and damaged hair. It rebuilds the internal substance of hair. 

Completely gorgeous inspo worthy hair styled to smooth, polished , shiny perfection. If you have thicker hair that is prone to frizz or curl we recommend Kerastase Elixir Ultime before styling. 

Putting the power of precious oils to your hair, Elixir is full of nourishing properties of 4 oils this is one product I can’t live without. 

If you fancy this beautiful style of sharp and shiny, silky hair then go for it. 


Love for the chestnut

It is looking like we are not too far away from the temp drop, summer has been fab in fairness ‘but’ also bring on the cozy days. 

Like we change to our winter wardrobe we also tend to change our hair whether it be style or colour and tone it down & us Irish complexions the chestnut brown whether it be with highlights as we transition is so complimentary to us Irish ladies.


Yes it compliments all eye colours and skin tones.

This is a soft warm colour, they’re are many shades of chestnut Though chestnut is a shade of brown, it still has various shades to try.

Chestnut brown with highlights 

Kate always has a tone of chestnut and it compliments her always. 

A red tone of chestnut 

For your chestnut colour you can add highlights to give an auburn look. Having highlights a shade lighter contributes a high shine 


Maybe some sweater weather inspo 





The Extenioniste is an amazing new range launched by Kerastase 

Let me tell you ladies it is an exceptional product range that is a must have. Extend your hair limits with their 90 day hair program designed to optimise and reinforce the lengths of your hair and more so if you have damaged hair. 

Hair springs from the living scalp and hangs on until its cut, breaks or sheds. But when you get right down to it hair is organic matter. The Extenioniste routine targets roots lengths and ends. Stimulates the scalp, then detangles lengths while reinforcing an dealing ends. 


Millie Mackintosh is the ultimate style & beauty ambassador Millie has been using the range and she relies on it because it works, below Millie shows us ladies how its done 


After washing and conditioning with Extenioniste apply 3 drops to wet hair at the root.

Massage into scalp and waalaa leave -in and style. 

A few times a week it is a good idea to treat the scalp to this ceramide rich serum. 

On your next visit to the salon we will be happy to add it into your services but highly recommend you try at home you will see the difference in your hair I promise 



Twisted Hair inspiration

From beach twists , twisted half up styles , to wedding inspiration for keeping your hair soft and natural. 

For us shorter styled ladies a halo braid twisted around the crown is an easy style to play around with. 

This is a great style to twist at the sides and put in a bun. 

Twisted half up wedding hair loose curls to finish it “dreamy” and looks effortless. 

A bohemian style with sun kissed hair add some height by backcombing the crown before twisting back. 

Couture you say

The fashion shows always bring a new level of hair, make-up and style for us to take inspo. 

Christian Dior resort went with sleek low ponytail.

Alexandre Vauthier opted for low ponytail

Antonio Grimaldi went punk with low bun and mohawk headpiece

Tony Ward use of opulent hair accessories are dreamy

Christopher Josse brought 90’s waves with a crimp

Ellie Saab natural waves

Zac Posen wet look hairstyle

Valentino resort was my favourite using a silk scarf and large sunglasses oozing glamour

Just some of our faves from the Shows 

Babylights, Balayage to Strandlighting

A new colour made its debut on IG created by Liz Haven.

No more blocky highlights enter strand lighting all about things Au natural. Strand lighting focuses on the hairline for a natural , sun-kissed finish that fades out seamlessly. 


Think of them as the youngest sibling of baby lights. Only require about a third of the density. 

They are worked through diagonally to produce more natural looking end result. Strand lights are used for detailing on ombre or Balayage or touching up highlights.

But, this technique is also ideal for those who want to blend in grey while utilising their natural pigment. 

Secrets to natural hair anyone