Love for the chestnut

It is looking like we are not too far away from the temp drop, summer has been fab in fairness ‘but’ also bring on the cozy days. 

Like we change to our winter wardrobe we also tend to change our hair whether it be style or colour and tone it down & us Irish complexions the chestnut brown whether it be with highlights as we transition is so complimentary to us Irish ladies.


Yes it compliments all eye colours and skin tones.

This is a soft warm colour, they’re are many shades of chestnut Though chestnut is a shade of brown, it still has various shades to try.

Chestnut brown with highlights 

Kate always has a tone of chestnut and it compliments her always. 

A red tone of chestnut 

For your chestnut colour you can add highlights to give an auburn look. Having highlights a shade lighter contributes a high shine 


Maybe some sweater weather inspo 





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