Caren attended fashion week alongside Gareth Bromell with Evo hair, who Gareth is an ambassador for. Gareth’s vision was letting go of perceived standards of beauty and instead focusing on the hair of each individual model. Enhancing the individuals natural hair for Mara Hoffman. 


No rest for the wicked and talented bunch onto the Richard Malone show in London. Richard Malone a 26 year old Irish designer created a collection that will firmly cement his name as an exciting talent to watch. 

The vision for the collection was female power. Gareth was asked to create a look that complemented the just been for a run sweaty look. Models had individual strands of hair adhered to their faces. Gareth called the look sweaty, greasy and a little bit dirty. pinpointing a London girl who’s just been for a run. Girls who empower and work in the city. 


A fashion week is a fashion industry event and lets hope they take me with them next year 🙂 A girl can dream






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