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We are honoured to be registered as one of the 200 salons across Ireland with the Rapunzel foundation. This amazing foundation started in 2009 when a mother was growing her hair to send to New Zealand towards her daughters wig. Here an idea was born and now it has grown and is a foundation that not only gives wigs for children and adults but gives confidence, confidence to live life uninhibited  without fear of dancing, swimming and playing sports.

It takes between 15 and 25 ponytails to make one of these special wigs, some people organise to be sponsored when they are having their hair cut, which helps fund the wigs for people. The salon cuts the hair free of charge and we had the lovely, sweet Eva Mc Cormack yesterday who has been growing her hair for this Foundation and smiled the whole way through and we think she is a superstar.

The Rapunzel Foundation is supported by Wella and The Irish Hairdressers magazine and Salons Nationwide, if you are interested in fundraising and growing your hair for such a worthy cause check out this link.


Sian Costelloe has been growing her hair forever and decided to donate her hair to the Rapunzel Foundation.

Sia Before:


The brave process of giving for a great cause:



Taa daa 🙂




We had another very brave young girl yesterday in the salon who after seeing the Rapunzel foundation on tv decided ”I could do that” and donated her ponytail for this amazing cause, for these young girls to make such a grown up decision still amazes me. Meet Kelly, fearless and brave.


You got this Sis 🙂


15” of hair Kelly has donated to give towards a wig , it takes 6-10 ponytails to make just one wig.


We love the hair kelly and we have a smile with her new do.


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