Show your Face..

What it is about a fringe? and what is it about a Micro-fringe? 

From the hairstyles rocking on the red carpet I smell a trend for 2018 coming back our way.. Adds eternally cool to your hair look, it may be something to look out for. 

Emma Watson has just debuted her micro fringe on her IG and it is nothing short of Dotey. 

Feathery,choppy, this is bang on trend and only for the brave. That being said there is always a fringe that suits every face shape. 

This look will take a bit of maintenance , bear this in mind that if your a get up and go person in the morning this may not be for you but there is a few styles you can opt for depending on face shape. 

The micro fringe is a bold of the fringe fam ! So always start longer if you go straight to the short cut there is no going back! You can always go shorter once your stylist has finished styling your hair. 


Can we just take a moment for the Fringe?


Getting a Fringe is an instant style statement. Here are some of the styles that can work whether you have long hair or short hair.


Blunt fringe on short hair can be super edgy and cool.


Long choppy wispy fringe just finishing above eyes or shorter adds a fun youthfulness. 


Millie shows how a fringe lends itself well to the 60s trend. Her Instagram feed makes us crave a new haircut or colour.


Short blunt cut with fringe framing the face, this is instantly cool.


Side swept Fringe, any face shape can benefit from this look. I had a side fringe for years and it was hard to let go of this look but being in foxandbow seeing the amazing styles created daily makes me be that more adventurous. 

Fringes are high maintenance some needing to be washed every morning to style. So, seriously think and have a chat with your stylist to see what type and if it would work for you before you take the leap.

So, can we just take a moment for the Fringe..