But first! hair Mask…

I hate saying it ‘but’ Summer is nearly over, I stretch the nearly! Those of you lucky enough to have been away this summer or yet to, hitting the seaside , laying by a pool, swimming in a chlorinated pool can dry out the hair. You will find you’re hair needs more than you’re weekly dose of conditioner. 


I have rounded up some masks tried and tested by us  and some of our faves below. 

First up is Kerastase Soleil Masque UV defense- 

Used as an after sun treatment this will be a worthy purchase even home from sun. It Repairs coloured hair  that has been exposed to elements such as chlorine, sun, salt and UVA and UVB rays. Masque UV defines is formulated with photo-defense filter which provides active protection.

Kerastase masque Force Architecte-

Restores health and Vitality to dry and brittle hair. The rich formula of this mask has been specially formulated to reconstruct hair that need extra TLC.

pureology Colour Fanatic leave in treatment spray-

This 100% Vegan multi- tasking hair treatment spray is infused with natural oils and contains Anti-fade complex. Primes hair for heat and styling , strengthens the hair fiber. Shields against environmental damage, I love this and I cannot live without it.. 


Redken Anti-snap-

Award winning leave-in treatment for damaged hair, split ends and hair breakage, double whammy it provides heat protection and reduces breakage. 


Face masks should be a weekly routine they are not just for Winter. Hair can get stressed just like our skin. There is nothing more frustrating than dry, brittle hair. 


Smartbond – By L’Oreal Professionnal


Smart Bond promotion for January 

Special Introductory with colour service of smartbond in January is free.  After 1st appointment the smartbond is €25 per app. 

Smartbond is a new technology from L’Oreal that revolutionizes and enhances the strength and condition of your hair after colour service.


It works by utilising a unique system that protects and strengthens the hair during colour service. The system consists of 3 compounds, the first 2 being used in salon.

Smartbond will strengthen these bonds to improve look, feel and condition of the hair.


If you regularly colour hair, especially us blondes we strongly recommend Smartbond . 

To Improve condition we recommend 2-3 every couple of colour services to maintain results.

Avail of this offer in salon for January when you book your colour service


Grow it long, Grow it strong..

You get a blow-dry every other week & you leave the salon loving your hair, this is because in the salon the right products are being used along with the way our team washes it, with a massage with stimulates blood flow to the scalp and promotes hair growth.


We all go through stages of I think I will grow my hair or I want it longer, ” why can I not have the hair I want” Hair can be defiant through lack of products or using the wrong products for your hair. Sometimes we are using sulphate that are in our shampoos, believe me I did not know what sulphates were and why they even mattered! Every day is a school day 🙂 If you find your strands stay frizzy and dry no matter what you do? your shampoo could be to blame! Sulphates give you that lather in the shower, that squeaky clean feel but they may be drying to your hair.

Stylists at foxandbow would recommend – Kerastase Bain Fluidealiste range as it is sulphate free


Our stylists will always be on hand for advice, it is what they master at.

I have been growing my hair since Christmas and I can hand on heart say ”this is from a girl btw who thinks, sure it will just grow” ! Without the advice from the team and the right products along the way my hair has finally flown down. The myth is if I avoid the salon like the plague my hair will be down in no time, you will not have the hair you want without getting it cut, yes and the team will tell you on each visit for colour or blow-dry okay maybe it has been 6-8 weeks you will need a cut. ”The ends can become dry and split so your not getting the length”

A regular trim will ensure minimal split ends and breakage.

Brushing the hair is a good thing, obviously with bed head in the morn! but try and minimise reaching for your brush as more than a few times a day stretches the hair. Opt for a Tangle Teezer as a bristle brush can be tougher on hair


Try and brush hair whilst wet, I swear by this brush if I am tempted during the day lets face it we all are.

Okay, so who knew but eating healthy. Just think its like what you take in you also get out. Protein is the building block of hair. We at foxandbow use the kerastase resistance range which has proteins added.


You do not have to overload on Protein, but if you think about it there must be a food source in your diet once a week if not more frequently that you eat in your diet. The body will be able to distribute were needed.

Ask your stylist on your next visit re best products for you.


Switching products, I hate this word because I would be generally quite happy with the products I am using but then wonder why my hair in different seasons is not behaving . So like we change back from summer wear to winter wear well then so does our products change. Certain products are better for different seasons.

Winter products will be moisturising and hydrating, Summer products not so heavy.

There is a vast range in foxandbow please do not be afraid to enquire about what products you can stay using now and change come winter. Take their advise, I have, my hair is better, feels better and most importantly behaves itself 🙂

We all have hair goals, so on your next visit at foxandbow do not be afraid to chat about them, we are here to give you the hair you deserve

mwah xx


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Introducing the Fusio-dose treatments now available at foxandbow.

Treatments provide an instant, personalised response by combining the benefits specific to different ranges. Whether it be dry, weakened, coloured or thinning hair.

These little gems give instants results and are available at the basin for an added €15 to any service.

”Dressing hair is like dressing a woman”



We are very excited that now in foxandbow you can discover the Kerastase experience. 

Kerastase represents the finest in luxury care for hair, setting new standards in professional haircare products. Just a little background on how the concept of kerastase was born, a bit of  history is always a good thing 🙂 Since it launched in 1964 kerastase quickly gained a cult following for its diagnostic approach and results. It has advanced formulas that treat the hair and hair fibre, leaving it in the healthiest condition possible. The whole concept behind this brand is bringing skin care to the hair , kerastase  products get absorbed into the hair and the scalp, unlike many products that sit on the hair so you will notice a huge texture change in your hair. 


Kerastase knows that all women are unique and with six product lines *yes* Six product lines designed for different types of hair, every woman can benefit from a personalized beauty program. Kerastase regularly features in magazines  such as Elle, Allure, Bazaar so if you pick up a magazine today you will surely find one of many products  from this amazing brand being featured. 

And to just top it off the scent is edible, we do not recommend you taste but you girls know what I mean 🙂

If you need any help please do not hesitate to ask so we can analyse in detail what kerastase product is suited just for you

mwah xxx

Just Because…


We love giving back to our clients with any service in salon, colour, cut or blow-dry with purchase of moroccanoil product you receive 30% off.  *yes* you are reading this right 🙂