Jennifer Lawrence Love…

We’ve all seen her epic description of her Dior gown at the oscars that had us loving and laughing from that moment on 

Jennifer Lawrence is funny, I mean really funny and simply fabulous.



She is full of charm and one of those down to earth people that makes us laugh. 


We’ve seen her dark but boy does she belong a blonde.


Love the elegant slicked back bun 


Promoting her new movie passengers , love the braid hairstyle.


Killing it here with a soft wave 


Is there any hairstyle she can’t wear! I think not..

NYFW is heating up

As four weeks of fashion week kicks of in NY there is plenty of inspo away from the catwalks. We get to see first hand what the lovely ladies in fashion and blogging are wearing to the shows. 







So as the shows heat up so does the style on the streets rushing back and forth between shows. Day 3 has shown some great hair and fashion. 


Effects of Hard water on your hair

Our colourists quite frequently come across a client that is having trouble with dry, damaged, frizzy hair that has a green tinge and they do not know why this is happening. 

Do you live in a hard water area? if so, then the problem lays in your water. Although it is tested not to be bad for your health it is bad for your hair and sometimes skin. 


Copper pipe with build up inside pipe

Hard water is water that has a high mineral content, hard water over time creates a scaly film on the hair. This in tail prevents moisture from entering the hair resulting in dry, dull, tangly and a strange colour in the hair. 

So we need a solution? This is the advice from Michelle & Carol, they recommend a water softener it is a great but expensive way to solve hard water  worries. While installing a water softener is expensive believe me it is extremely useful.

A less expensive solution is a shower filter a cheaper alternative which can reduce lime scale. There are many different types of shower filters that can attach to your shower unit.

The last option would be to use bottled water for the final rinse when washing hair. 

These options will save you having the worry of discoloured hair that is unruly and adding a mask to your routine we recommend the Kerastase Soleil range it works very well for preventing elements in our environment damaging hair. 


Organ Oil added before styling will leave hair super shiny and will moisturise hair. 

You need water to shampoo your hair and hard water makes it harder life is hard enough. 

The Holy Grail has happened…


Olaplex is the healer your hair has been waiting for.

Olaplex pushes the envelope further without compromising your hair. Founder Dean Christal teamed up with two of the world’s leading PHD’s in materials and chemistry, Dr. Eric Pressly and Dr. Craig Hawker. This dream team invented a single ingredient that links broken bonds in the hair during and after chemical services making them stronger than they were before. The proof is in the pudding with Olaplaex. 


Hair before and after being treated with Olaplex.  


By adding directly into lightner or colour after rinsing applying the Olaplaex Bond Perfector for 5mins then rinse and condition. 

Olaplex is now taking salons by storm, hair just keeps getting better . The magic works from the inside out to strengthen , condition and literally reconnect the hair strand. 

Kim Kardashian used Olaplex when going platinum Blonde this product allowed her to go so many shades brighter without damaging her hair. 


Kim loves Olaplex, ”it completely transformed my hair” This treatment is why Kim’s hair is in great condition (sold).. 


We are offering this as a new salon service at foxandbow, with colour priced at €35

Olaplex as a treatment in salon including blow-dry for €35. 

Guess what I am using at my next colour appointment 🙂 

Fashion on the street #streetstyle


My biggest search on Pinterest is Street style, I always get my hair and fashion Inspo. Walk around your city any given day and I bet you will admire someone you see. The best time for fashion and hair Inspo is fashion week and you will find it on the streets of Paris, London, New York and Milan.


Loving how she is working this outfit and hair, just hanging out on the phone looking cool as you do. 


How cool is this look, full fringe just really sets this off. You could be halfway between thinking ok I could look like I was helping my friend paint her gaff and running straight to your nearest salon to get a fringe in.. 


I have a love for mom jeans I really do, hair in a bun really sets off this look. Planning your hair with an outfit is key and I love the shirt backwards with hair up. 


Loving how they co-ordinated they are besties.

Street Style at its best from head to toe.


Sleek hair will be a big thing this spring/summer these girls are chic.


Spot of shopping hair sleeked back and braided ponytail, Not just for School days. 


We all love a pop of colour and this is a day to night look , bomber jackets have made a big appearance this season who would have thought we would be wearing one with a skirt. My fave length of hair right now. 


Traffic stopping hair. 

The best thing about street style is creativity, look around next time you are strolling through the city. 

There’s a lot to love at the Golden Globes 2016

Watching the Golden Globes correct me if  I am wrong but the biggest trend with hair and Make-up was Glowing, Soft and Pristine. So fresh & Modern, no complicated up-styles this year. I have selected a few of my fave looks from up-styles to killer waves. 



Jennifer Lawrence platinum lob was twisted into a textured up-do, just a touch of volume to complete the look. I love the look and she is glowing. 


Ah! Our very own Saoirse Ronan (100%) Irish.  Saoirse sported a sleek fresh faced look and it is perfect.


Gina Rodriguez’s retro hair looks like a half a pony tail but using product is sleeked into place and glowing. 


Rumour that Rosie got engaged were said on the night, this girl is just a knock ur socks off like she just stepped off a plane from St Tropez with these killer waves. If rumours are true we cannot wait to see her hair for the big day..



 Globe Awards on Sunday, Jan. 1Calif. (Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP)

My Fave by far was Alicia Vikander’s angelic up-do and dress, not everyones cup of tea but she is glowing. She stuns in this gown as we say


A Main of Kindness..

We are delighted to be registered with the Rapunzel Foundation and to learn a bit more about this fantastic Foundation you can do so here.

Rachel has been growing her hair for just this and Caren cut it to the exact measurements required and then Rachel had a re-style and we love it, suits her lovelyself. 






Thank you Rachel for donating your hair to Rapunzel Foundation that works to improve the lives of others living with hair loss. 

The results are fab, I love this style on you . 

If you would like to read more about this fantastic foundation you can do so on the link above.

Suki Waterhouse: Hair Check!


I am a tad obsessed lately, (no thats a lie) I am obsessed with Suki Waterhouse, she rocks that signature sixties mod girl style. Suki prefers a blow-out to a drink, she is not wrong in that you feel like a whole new person when you get your hair done professionally. 

Suki was discovered at the age of 16 in a pub in London, ”obviously having a lemonade”. Her career has taken off since then but she is endearing and works everything she wears like the perfect hanger. She has featured in Vogue Magazine and is the face of Burberry and launched their new fragrance. 

Some of her Hair Check! moments I love ..





Suki is the Brigitte Bardot-esque beauty of our time. 


Getting your Hair Festival ready..


Hands up if you are one of the lucky ones attending this years Electric Picnic..!



NOT, One bit jealous.. (Cough) I know that you already have your outfits planned, well I would anyhooo. This year was the first year that I have ever attended a festival over a few days and I was lucky enough to get to go to Somersault, castle hill estate, Devon and I had a fantastic time and I had products for my hair that were life savers as having shorter hair I was afraid it would be a holy show.

I am growing it at the mo, thanks to Ray I am managing to not freak out and cut it all back up again! Caren Cullen the Shizz Bizz is a Moroccan Oil Educator and when she is not doing hair with her eyes closed, she has great tips on how to use your products to your advantage.

Here are the Products I used: 


Moroccanoil Treatment Oil is a Fantastic product, there are two types for all hair types and light- coloured hair. This versatile, nourishing and residue-free formula can be used as a conditioning,styling and finishing tool. It mixes perfectly with other products which is a super bonus. So whether you are having a Blow-dry before heading off apply to towel-dried hair, from mid-length to ends, oh the smell is just lush as well. I use this as a styling product with Moroccan moulding cream once blow-dried and it creates that lovely texture and movement in your hair.


Moroccan oil Moulding cream creates structured styles with long lasting flexible hold. I dip my finger tips in and use 1-2 pumps of my oil and style through my hair.


Frizz Control is a must for all hair prone to frizz. It helps to control static in any weather, its weather resistant and safeguards hair.

Not to have product over-load you can use your products to get longer out of your Blow-dry and then day 2 you can plait or tie up and style as you wish and can use a leave in conditioner, we have various masks available for all types of hair from our SP Wella range and Moroccan oil. 

images (1)

Now this is the life saving brush for de-tangling and basically not pulling the head off yourself..

For all you lucky peeps heading to EP14 this September, here are some styles I quite like :



If you would like any more info on products pop into us and we will be happy to help.

All that is left to do now is enjoy the music


Moroccan Oil

download (1)

One of our favourite products that we stock and use in the salon is Moroccan oil, every Moroccan product is designed to be both simple and effective-with authentic ingredients that leave hair looking and feeling healthier. Moroccan oil not only rejuvenates hair but makes it shine, it strengthens hair follicles and reduces frizz when used regularly.

If you have hair that is prone to breakage then you will definitely benefit from using it, if you have normal hair, you can use to enhance the shine in your hair.

”I live my brand every day. Moroccanoil is a reflection of what I want from a beauty company as a consumer. Authenticity, effectiveness and ease of use.” – Carmen Tal, Co-founder


If the Elements are playing havoc with your Scalp, let us know as we have a free dry-scalp Treatment available at the basin.


photo (10)


We are overly excited at the Value of our Limited edition Moroccan oil Hydrating Shampoo & Conditioner, Double the size at 500ml is a steal at €52.99