Shiny new trend

A Hairstyle has been a trending Glass hair has officially arrived  It is a transformation of the already popular bob or lob hairstyle.

But it is more refined and sharper in style. This edgy cut has already been embraced by celebrities 

Hailey Baldwin’s stylist shared her method for the perfect glass hair she uses Kerastase Ciment thermique 

This gem of a product is a thermo-protecting blow-dry and heat styling cream designed to treat and protect weakened and damaged hair. It rebuilds the internal substance of hair. 

Completely gorgeous inspo worthy hair styled to smooth, polished , shiny perfection. If you have thicker hair that is prone to frizz or curl we recommend Kerastase Elixir Ultime before styling. 

Putting the power of precious oils to your hair, Elixir is full of nourishing properties of 4 oils this is one product I can’t live without. 

If you fancy this beautiful style of sharp and shiny, silky hair then go for it. 



The Extenioniste is an amazing new range launched by Kerastase 

Let me tell you ladies it is an exceptional product range that is a must have. Extend your hair limits with their 90 day hair program designed to optimise and reinforce the lengths of your hair and more so if you have damaged hair. 

Hair springs from the living scalp and hangs on until its cut, breaks or sheds. But when you get right down to it hair is organic matter. The Extenioniste routine targets roots lengths and ends. Stimulates the scalp, then detangles lengths while reinforcing an dealing ends. 


Millie Mackintosh is the ultimate style & beauty ambassador Millie has been using the range and she relies on it because it works, below Millie shows us ladies how its done 


After washing and conditioning with Extenioniste apply 3 drops to wet hair at the root.

Massage into scalp and waalaa leave -in and style. 

A few times a week it is a good idea to treat the scalp to this ceramide rich serum. 

On your next visit to the salon we will be happy to add it into your services but highly recommend you try at home you will see the difference in your hair I promise 



Heat products, masks, brushes and all that jazz

If you have been using any heated tool on your hair , a heat protectant product is a must! you should be reaching for it and applying before heat. Heated tools will suck the moisture from your hair. would you apply foundation without a base ? Never!! with waves a plenty still a major trend and especially come summer.



This is specially designed for the Sahara or dry locks. It works like a drink of water , put a dollop through mid lengths to ends before heat.



Provides protection from the moment heat reaches the hair, guilt free leaving a smooth, shiny finish. Research shows users of the Thermique cremes experience 87% less breakage. 


Leave in treatment to prime, protect and perfect with 21 essential benefits in one bottle. If you colour your hair regularly ”Who doesn’t” this is an amazing product.


Adore the Hydrate range an this mask is the best. Safe for colour treated hair you will notice a difference just after one use. 


Created with natural ingredients to repair and protect to prevent or repair dry damaged hair. This indulgent treatment is packed with nutrients such as avocado oil and coconut oil to nourish. 


I don’t know anyone who does not already have a Tangle Teezer in their possession if you do not please get one. They are a saviour to prevent breakage especially when hair is wet. Your hairbrush is the foundation for the health of your hair. 

A wide tooth comb is what you want for detangling especially in the shower, comb through your conditioner or mask.

Great for detangling..

Fine tooth comb is great for styling your fringe or to separate and smooth hair. TIP: get one that is matt not shiny,  a comb with a shine will not give you the grip on the hair. 

Vented brush creates volume these brushes have holes or slits through the back. A great brush when looking to create volume.

Have a look at the guide above 


But first! hair Mask…

I hate saying it ‘but’ Summer is nearly over, I stretch the nearly! Those of you lucky enough to have been away this summer or yet to, hitting the seaside , laying by a pool, swimming in a chlorinated pool can dry out the hair. You will find you’re hair needs more than you’re weekly dose of conditioner. 


I have rounded up some masks tried and tested by us  and some of our faves below. 

First up is Kerastase Soleil Masque UV defense- 

Used as an after sun treatment this will be a worthy purchase even home from sun. It Repairs coloured hair  that has been exposed to elements such as chlorine, sun, salt and UVA and UVB rays. Masque UV defines is formulated with photo-defense filter which provides active protection.

Kerastase masque Force Architecte-

Restores health and Vitality to dry and brittle hair. The rich formula of this mask has been specially formulated to reconstruct hair that need extra TLC.

pureology Colour Fanatic leave in treatment spray-

This 100% Vegan multi- tasking hair treatment spray is infused with natural oils and contains Anti-fade complex. Primes hair for heat and styling , strengthens the hair fiber. Shields against environmental damage, I love this and I cannot live without it.. 


Redken Anti-snap-

Award winning leave-in treatment for damaged hair, split ends and hair breakage, double whammy it provides heat protection and reduces breakage. 


Face masks should be a weekly routine they are not just for Winter. Hair can get stressed just like our skin. There is nothing more frustrating than dry, brittle hair. 


The messy Ponytail done right…

The ponytail great when on a bad hair day or just after washing but even more so when you want to have your hair off your face kind day.


Gigi is working this sleek high ponytail, product is a must for stray hairs we would use Kerastase Mousse bouffante and to set a spritz of Kerastase Laque Couture spray.


A little parting goes along way, love the twisted ponytail using a metallic clip to finish the look.


Alicia and Kylie are working the knotted bubble ponytail , Alicia has more tugged out of place are we brave enough.


This more textured ponytail really works if trying to show off the back of an outfit let loose at the end.


Of course Kim K was sure to have rocked the braided ponytail being the Kardashians are major fans of the Braid , love how this is a bit undone to her usual sleeker up-styles.

Having the right products depending on style will really help hold any style and the couture styling range from Kerastase will help increase volume and reach new hair heights an incredible styling range.

Tips & Tricks to help with and prevent Sunburned Scalp


With the hot weather we have been blessed with of late (Scorchio) we all rushed to pick up the factor but we forget sometimes how sensitive our scalp is and needs protection also. 

Lets just say that painful stinging, itching, flakey irritated scalp can be avoided. Without having to constantly bung on a sun hat there are a few tips and tricks to looking cool and avoiding the Burn.


During the summer hair is exposed more than usual to the UV light. I swear by Kerastase Soleil Aqua-seal I apply every day wet or before Blow-dry and I find this helps fight all elements . I pull back into a bun or braid down the centre avoid the side braids as this leaves scalp exposed. 


Another genius hack is to combine one tablespoon of SPF50 lotion or spray into a half cup of water and mix together you can apply with fingers by rubbing into scalp or use a water spray bottle before sun exposure. 


If you have been unlucky and have burned your scalp this week then to prevent peeling in the scalp an exfoliating shampoo is a must avoid anything containing sulphates as this could irritate the scalp more.


Kerastase Chronologiste is a Pre shampoo for exfoliating the scalp this is amazing even for product build up.


Kerastase Bain Exfoliant Hydrant shampoo, scalp is soothed and rehydrated. 

Try and skip the hot water , hot water and a sunburned scalp is no good after your shower try and soak the scalp with cool water or lukewarm do not try and freeze the head off yourself. 


Easier said than done but try and avoid heat styling to let scalp settle down as it would be more sensitive and only drys out the scalp even more.

We all know the only full proof way to avoid the dreaded scalp burn is a scarf or hat but sometimes we need a break from hat head and these tips and tricks will help avoid that burn.

Happy Sunny Days xx 

Good Hair Times & Tan Lines..

Summer being around the corner we all get Influenced when days are longer mornings are brighter summer is coming and whether we are holidaying at home or summery climates we want brighter hair and a new hair style all round 

The adventure of holidays brings out the adventure in us all.

But whilst we are thinking about what we are packing Bikini (Check) Factor (check) Passport (check) lets not forget about the more important skin and hair care. 

As our hair is a reflection of ourselves styling it on holidays can be a nightmare but armed with the right products, tools and accessories should make things a bit easier from days spent by the pool or sea to the evenings where humidity is not our friend. 

A blog I did on Kerastase Soleil a must have range for holidays, I adore this product line.

Elixir Ultime – This is amazing it is extremely nourishing it is a must for women with hair texture and in any types of humidity! 


Kerastase Discipline line- Tames Frizz, helps control frizz & gives you the softest hair.


Some styling products to take that work magic one being the Kerastase Spray a Porter- for that wavy beach effect. Spray all over  damp or dry hair. Can leave hair dry naturally or heat style.


Form Fatale – For that long lasting Blow-dry result. Apply a pea sized amount to towel dried hair massage into hair before styling. 

Now, the how and what will I do style or accessory wise with my hair. Some looks I like to try when away to protect my hair.

Bandana, silk scarf, tying hair up and away from face and neck will help keep cool and also done right can be pretty cool. Some looks below




Some looks loving the bright colours they make a statement. 

The trusted chic summer hat, whether wide brimmed or fedora it is a great way to protect hair and face and feel stylish. 



Some that I came across whilst shopping for my holibobs




And always if you are lucky enough to be able to Braid your own hair it is a trusted style, I use Kerastase Aqua seal this is waterproof and UV Filter technology protects hair against sun, salt and chlorinated water. Apply before braid or any other styling in sun and out of sun can be used for dry or toweled hair. 


So summer we are ready for you if you would like to come sooner thats ok:) 

Deep Conditioners


Because of the constant blowdrying, curling and flatironing manes cane look anything but tame and here we Condition, so important.

The Fondant Fluidealiste from the Kerastase discipline range strengthens and nourishes  the hair to prevent frizz.


Lait Vital is a Best Beauty Buy that is a lightweight nourishing conditioner for normal to slightly dry hair. Enriched with the Irisome complex hair is protected against relentless return of dryness. 


Ciment Anti – Usure resistance range is a strengthening  anti-breakage cream conditioner for damaged lengths and ends. 


Elixir Ultime is a beautifying oil conditioner enriched with Oleo-complexe, suitable for all hair types *bonus*. Lightweight creamy texture nourishes & conditions the feel of each hair fibre. 


Products from Kerastase wins awards if you use any products from Kerastase you would know why! I will keep them coming there is a vast range for any hair type. 

Kerastase Gift


Give your loved one the best Christmas present ever with our vast range of Kerastase products personally made up to suit you whatever your budget. 

Kerastase luxury hair care products always meet the needs of every hair type. 

Some examples of what we have under our tree at Foxandbow.


Kerastase Chronologiste range is a deeply nourishing Restorative Hair treatment for all hair types, the finest haircare range ever created by Kerastase. With a luxurious mix of vital concentrate pearls and Abyssine, caviar with revitalise locks with shine, softness and bounce.


Elixir Ultime Range contains a host of rich and intense professional oils, serums and treatments that deeply penetrate your hair and leave you with replenished vibrant looking hair. With every two Kerastase products purchased you receive a Kerastase Candle, we have added it here to our Elixir set that we made up.


Kerastase Pro Fiber Revive range an intense treatment for fine, normal to slightly damaged hair. The home care range works to prolong the effects of the in salon treatment we have 3 levels available in this amazing range. I am using the Pro Fiber recover for medium or thick hair to coarse hair and I love it. 

Whatever your budget we will personally make up a gift box for you, pop into salon and we will be more than happy to help you. 

Give the Gift of Luxury

I’m a Queen Crowned in my Curls…


The textured type of curly hair every day is different for us curly haired creatures, that is my finding. Years of straightening my hair instead of embracing my natural curls, Ooops!.. I’ve come to realise that there is fantastic products and tools out there to safely curl my hair without ruining the texture.  Salon owner, Caren Cullen


Curly hair has come back in style in a big way in the last few years. Finding the right hairdresser is key, they can advise you on the best shape and haircare products to use.There are so many different types of curls, soft waves etc. Getting the perfect shape is essential, Curly hair can be naturally dry, and shampooing too often can make it brittle with the wrong products and tools. 

There are so many options with curly hair and this is an advantage, make sure to ask what tips you can take away with you at home the main objective being easier for you to manage daily and suiting your lifestyle.

For you curly haired lasses the wonder tool that you should all own is a diffuser. A diffuser works by keeping your dryer moving so that the air distributes evenly through your hair, key is to use with your hair upside down and let curls fall into their natural shape. 


I love cocktails and we all know that a cocktail is a mixture of ingredients, 3 or more! So think of this for your hair, a cocktail of products for the finish you want. Caren has recommended below what ingredients work best for the Curly Cocktail.


Kerastase Oleo-Curl Shampoo, for dry unruly hair this works by nourishing the hair and detangling ease with humidity control.


Kerastase Creme Oleo-Curl is a leave-in cream that defines curls, controls volume for curly hair.


Kerastase Elixir oil is a versatile oil that nourishes and provides ultimate shine. Defo frizz buster!! It’s added bonus is that it repairs hair, it is basically liquid gold girls, I even use this before I blow-dry my hair straight this product really is versatile. 

Caren highly recommends a leave in treatment after washing it once a week, making sure it is not protein based as it will have the opposite effect on your hair! This is where the advice comes in it is vital to be using the right products. If you wish to treat yourself we have the fab Loreal Pro-fibre treatments in the salon that I swear by to nourish and rejuvenate the hair from roots to ends. You can read all about it here

The other trick is tying it up, I tend to do that a lot with the gym and leaving treatment in during week whilst tied up I use the Invisi bobble


This traceless hair ring as it is called is a knight in spiral armour, puts an end to split ends and marks left on hair from tying up:) 


The Tangle Teezer, I swear by this and the clue is in the name. Detangles hair wet or dry painlessly without snagging or damaging hair. 

Arm yourself with the best products and tools to keep your locks in line.