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Bronde- The Clue is in the name! Bronde is a colour technique that fuses brown and blonde to create a sun kissed rich hair effect. 


By Blending Brown and Blonde lets you enjoy the best of both worlds. Balayage is always an amazing technique for when you want to go lighter of darker but not high maintenance so win, win and bronde will be a winner for those opting for a change but not drastic ..


So, if you favour rich, natural brunette tones , this is one to try.

Bronde is a technique done best in a salon by a colourist Mochas are perfect for the Bronde look as they are rich and glossy. L’Oreal Professional bleaches have advanced technologies. 

How a colourist places bleach to strands is a technique and our girls are masters at colour placement to highlight specific facial areas, to lift and enhance I mean who does not want a hairlift? 


Colour Refresh – Colour and Tone

Colour and toner both contribute to colouring hair but in different ways, clients are not aware that you can get your hair toned in between colour service to brighten it up to keep you going until your next appointment. 

The difference between hair colour and toner? Well, hair colour is a chemical process and yes ladies all know this but just case you were not aware Toner is not for all hair types ‘but’ most used in double processing this means hair that is bleached up or blonde. 

We are a L’Oreal Professional salon and what we would use of many options for colour would be L’Oreal Richesse- Alkaline tone on tone cream colour 

Ammonia free, improved white hair coverage by up to 70%

L’Oreal Dia Light- Acid tone on tone gel cream colour

Ammonia free and the more natural hair with luminous reflects.

Maintenance should be top of your list as fashion colours such as pastel tones fade fast. Toner in between colour , blonde, balayage, highlights rids hair of those unwanted tones like orange, orange yellow and yellow, brassy hair colour fade..

A blonde toner can neutralise and correct the tone of your hair without lightening it further.

Colour is the chemical process and toner cancels out unwanted tones in your hair. 

Highly recommend this service in between colour service. We all hate that fading phase in between. 


Living the wash and go dream

Peace, love and good hair

This weather we have been getting the last few days has been nothing short of awesome ‘but’ there is always one of those I have been trying to keep my hair off my face , away from my neck and get back to sunbathing 🙂 

The Octopus Bun

Yes, you all know what this is mastering this messy look is hard !! Getting the right side of messy is hard so the trick is “texture’ So this is where the products come to hand even if you have next day hair product is your friend so these are the two gems I have found even on next day hair. First off is Loreal Tecni Art Pli- Backstage fave ladies this heat activated spray is a gem.

Second in the running Loreal Tecni art Density Material is a texturizing wax-paste creates style with a volumized effect even when braiding back or up into a top knot so hair is not flat.

Adding a few key products in between your trips to the salon you will get some of your life back I promise 🙂 

L’Oreal Professional Australia Announces Muse for Smartbond


L’Oreal Professional Australia announces Danni Minogue as first local muse.

Danni has signed as an ambassador for L’Oreal Smartbond.

Transitioning back to blonde with the brands groundbreaking new smart bond technology.


The last time Danni rocked the blonde was in the 90’s. The in-salon service is designed to strengthen hair before and after colouring. 


This has changed the way we can transition to colouring our hair without the worry of damage. 



Danni you’re a knockout with this sexy blonde. 

Smartbond – By L’Oreal Professionnal


Smart Bond promotion for January 

Special Introductory with colour service of smartbond in January is free.  After 1st appointment the smartbond is €25 per app. 

Smartbond is a new technology from L’Oreal that revolutionizes and enhances the strength and condition of your hair after colour service.


It works by utilising a unique system that protects and strengthens the hair during colour service. The system consists of 3 compounds, the first 2 being used in salon.

Smartbond will strengthen these bonds to improve look, feel and condition of the hair.


If you regularly colour hair, especially us blondes we strongly recommend Smartbond . 

To Improve condition we recommend 2-3 every couple of colour services to maintain results.

Avail of this offer in salon for January when you book your colour service


Innovative Hair Colour..


At Foxandbow our mantra is always hair care and most girls will tell you they have had some major dye-induced damage to their hair in their lifetime. 

Introducing INOA an immonia free in salon permanent hair colour system by L’oreal Professional- INOA is short for Innovation no ammonia. INOA is a hair colour line that replaces ammonia with a “minimal amount” of MEA & oil hence the term ODS which is an oil delivery system.


3 reasons we love INOA – ‘smell, hair reaction and range of colour’. 

Ammonia is used in hair colour to open up the hair fiber so it absorbs dye better, smell is awful so get rid of ammonia, get rid of smell. ODS- oil delivery system- that uses oil molecules to more gently open the hair shaft to absorb dye.


Range of colour, more range and more natural hair colour looks. The ingredients in INOA preserve lipids (natural condition of hair) much better than ammonia can. 

L’oreal is responding to a market that is demanding ”cleaner” hair products. Discover INOA at foxandbow, with the expertise of your hairdresser and an in-depth colour consultation to achieve the perfect shade for you. 

Hair you may want to steal..


Sienna Miller, queen of boho, it girl, turned hollywood starlet. Can we just take a moment to swoon over her lovely self. 


centre parting face framing layers of hair envy.



Sienna Miller

Fringe love


From the street walk to Hollywood Sienna rocks blonde, blonde and more blonde. We love this textured short cut that she can pin up and  has this air of understated gorgeousness. Sexiness is when people are most comfortable with themselves and Sienna is just that.

To help you create Hollywood Hair Loreal have a range of products that are designed for just perfect wave and curl.


Hollywood waves range is designed perfectly for red carpet hair, Megan’s fave to use when doing my hair is Spiral Queen


Spiral Queen nourishing mousse, contouring curls €16.99 in salon. Steal the spotlight with this amazing mousse.


Siren Waves, defining elasto-cream €16.99 in salon, which offers curls with definition and illuminating the look of the hairs natural shine. 

Amazing range of styling products to steal the spotlight. 


My Loreal Pro-Fiber in salon Treatment..



”Like a manicure takes care of your hands, this haircure takes care of your hair”

There are 3 levels to this amazing range and I headed straight for level 3 and the reason being as this is what was recommended for my hair after consultation with Megan, Level 3 is Recover for medium or thick hair to coarse hair, coloured, highlighted and/or chemically altered hair. 


This is the recover range above and the results for me instantly was the shine ”Oh” the shine. Hair was easier to comb and style and I had instant results from this treatment. whatever the level of damage, the 15min in salon treatment will transform your hair. 


So the treatment has been done and the smell, the smell is a bonus believe me.



You can prolong at home, the salon treatment effect can be extended  for up to 6 weeks*

I purchased the Recover shampoo & Mask to use at home and my hair feels renewed. This product is amazing all ranges contain shampoo, conditioner, masque and leave-in. 



There are 3 levels: 

level 1 : Revive, for fine, normal to slightly damaged hair

level 2 : Restore, for medium to thick, damaged hair

level 3: for thick, very damaged hair

The pro-fibre long lasting haircare programme starts in-salon with an exclusive one-on-one consultation. 

With Christmas around the corner you would be crazy to not avail of this treatment before your service of cut or blow-dry. 

Happiness = Pro-Fiber 



”OH MY” We Love a Restyle

Pastel hair colour is having a moment right now & these colours are such a popular talking point as we all consider a new season mix-up. 

Becky Belton took the leap and after a consultation with Michelle & Caren the restyle began.




 Michelle Pre-lightened first using Loreal Platinium Plus 20 Vol nutri developer and then Dialight Richesse 10.22 added to this mix was ColorpHlex this is a treatment service that is done when the colour is being applied.


ColorpHlex protects hair from breakage & damage during colour process, hair is left 4 times stronger. #winning If you are looking to go several shades lighter colorpHlex is very effective with lightening and highlights it returns hair to its natural healthy state. So Becky was in good hands with going so many shades lighter without damaging the hair. free from sulphates, parabens and formaldehyde can be added with fashion colours and toner.



Caren began doing what she does best and this is the process above of styling Becky’s hair to make her restyle complete. 



This is the finished result and Becky is rocking the look.

We love this result and love is in the hair every day in foxandbow




Styling Kits

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Just arrived in the salon today, we are very excited as doing your own hair at home is a task at times but these styling kits developed for that professional look at home are tailored for Volume, Wavy Blow-dry, shaggy lob and messy braid, I looked for the braid in the box LOl! but not to fear those of us that do not know how to braid there is a step by step in each styling kit.


FullSizeRender (7)

Volume XXL

FullSizeRender (5)

Wavy Blow Dry

FullSizeRender (4)

Shaggy Lob

FullSizeRender (6)

Messy Braid

There is a step by step in each styling kit to create the look and to get more pro tips visit

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