From bold to basic

Woke up with no time or patience to do your hair we have all had those days! Meh!! 

By using your fingers to place back into a low bun this adds a soft look , love how the lights pop here. 

A low and loose ponytail during the week, even air dry the hair to give it a break from heat styling as in the winter our tresses are exposed more to elements and the aircon in shops and at work. 

Love this midi Bun with texture on add some styling product to the hair and backcomb the pony part before pinning up around the head will add volume. 

Ponytails may the easiest style around, here is some inspo for switching it up.. The trend seen on the catwalk and on the streets may not be for everyone mind you ‘but’ I adore it and adding the ribbon tre pretty. Again using your fingers instead of a brush to pin back and bonus it is off your face. 

if you have longer length hair this braided ponytail and twisted under is another easy style on the go. 

Adore the twisted bun with a headscarf all wrapped up in a bow. 

I love a messy bun, you know casual, took me a second kind of bun. If you have finer hair use some texture spray to add some grit to the hair.


Keep it modern go for a style that is simple for you give it a try they are surprisingly super-chic. 



The messy Ponytail done right…

The ponytail great when on a bad hair day or just after washing but even more so when you want to have your hair off your face kind day.


Gigi is working this sleek high ponytail, product is a must for stray hairs we would use Kerastase Mousse bouffante and to set a spritz of Kerastase Laque Couture spray.


A little parting goes along way, love the twisted ponytail using a metallic clip to finish the look.


Alicia and Kylie are working the knotted bubble ponytail , Alicia has more tugged out of place are we brave enough.


This more textured ponytail really works if trying to show off the back of an outfit let loose at the end.


Of course Kim K was sure to have rocked the braided ponytail being the Kardashians are major fans of the Braid , love how this is a bit undone to her usual sleeker up-styles.

Having the right products depending on style will really help hold any style and the couture styling range from Kerastase will help increase volume and reach new hair heights an incredible styling range.

The middle part, is the best part..

Being a girl that always had my hair to the side even with a fringe I even rocked a comb over at one stage:) I have a new found love for parting my hair in the middle thanks to the stylists here at foxandbow they have wicked hair ideas and I have transitioned to parting my hair in the middle and they have made it so easy. 


Some of my fave hairstyles at the moment are middle parting with ponytail. This is an instant update to your hair you can tease out some hair for that “oh this”? I just threw this up. 


Long hair this style is so feminine. 

Sleek simple Ponytail is a great way to spice up your ponytail  and when you have secured with elastic or hair tie ”we recommend invisi-bobble to avoid breakage” wrap a section of hair around the ponytail and secure with a hair grip. day to night look if you are looking to keep hair off your face. 

I have a middle part now with a fringe and I really do love it Megan has been styling it for me and there are so many different styles you can do with it yourself at home, ask your hairdresser for advice even the smallest change makes a huge difference if you feel stuck in a hair rut.


All the loves for my new fringe 


Middle part with low bun

If you have long hair or even shoulder length hair my fave style is a wavy Blow-dry.



This is a great way to wear hair if you are outgrowing a fringe. 

The middle part is my fave part at the moment xx 

Workout Hair


Messy buns or ponytails might get the job done but for those of us with shorter, midi or very long hair stepping up your gym hair-style game whilst minding it can make you feel a bit more cute whilst you are working up a sweat. 

Before you work out and planning on washing it afterwards apply a deep conditioner so you are conditioning it whilst kicking ass in gym. 

My Fave personally to use is Kerastase Ciment Thermique


Anti-breakage strengthening milk.

The fringe braid is a great solution to keep annoying hair off your face. 

Braids in general go that bit further beyond the workout, channel your inner Rocky and bust out the box braid. 


4 days of workout hair



The fishtail at ponytail is cool for keeping longer hair off your face. 


Milk maid braid.

The ballerina bun will stay through your workout but to avoid snagging the hair use an invisibobble and some pins



This gem of a bobble is a traceless hair ring that does not snag hair so no more pulling your hair from a bobble again. 

Adding a hair band  to keep the sparse hairs back is another idea, some cool looks below



Find your inner shakra. 



I am a big lover of the twist & tuck you can side part for that extra flair. This is my go to gym hair fave. 

So tighten that ponytail/braid/bun and enjoy your workout. 


Fox&bow guide to SS14 from the Catwalk

The Low Ponytail – Super slick & secured at the nape of the neck, finish with a spritz of high gloss hairspray, a great product is Moroccan oil luminous hairspray or the Luxe oil keratin protection spray. At Donna Karan & Ellie Saab  hair was straightened & sleek and  held in place with metal barettes.



Chloe was the show that set the Trend with James Pecis using ironed hair & preppy centre partings.




Inspired by Sicily, Domenico Dolce’s place of birth. They excavated the Greco-Roman aspect.



I can see this being rocked at the Festivals this year, there is something so Dreamy about the collection and the Hair..