Living the wash and go dream

Peace, love and good hair

This weather we have been getting the last few days has been nothing short of awesome ‘but’ there is always one of those I have been trying to keep my hair off my face , away from my neck and get back to sunbathing 🙂 

The Octopus Bun

Yes, you all know what this is mastering this messy look is hard !! Getting the right side of messy is hard so the trick is “texture’ So this is where the products come to hand even if you have next day hair product is your friend so these are the two gems I have found even on next day hair. First off is Loreal Tecni Art Pli- Backstage fave ladies this heat activated spray is a gem.

Second in the running Loreal Tecni art Density Material is a texturizing wax-paste creates style with a volumized effect even when braiding back or up into a top knot so hair is not flat.

Adding a few key products in between your trips to the salon you will get some of your life back I promise 🙂 

Must have Styling products I swear by right now..

Achieving any hair style whether down or tying up , product is a must. Even when I am just scraping it back into a top knot or ponytail I always use some sort of product before or after to style.

You certainly do not need twenty million products but one or two that will be your saviour to add texture, condition,, prevent breakage or hold a curl, wave or blow-dry style.



Creates lift at the roots, a volumizing backcombing hair spray, finishing spray.  Three benefits volume, texture and control.



An Exclusive Aerated cream mousse that inflates your hair with weightless body. Satiny softness, simply blow-dry in for style and enjoy runway style hair.



For the tousled easy beachy look, UV protection for creating waves .



A backstage fave, thermo modelling spray adds shape and memory activated by heat. 



Love this iconic oil by Kerastase, ideal for all hair types , this should be on every girls dresser. Can be used before and after styling. You will automatically notice softer smoother hair. 

Don’t forget ladies we have 10% and 20% off our products until the end of the Month. 

Grow it long, Grow it strong..

You get a blow-dry every other week & you leave the salon loving your hair, this is because in the salon the right products are being used along with the way our team washes it, with a massage with stimulates blood flow to the scalp and promotes hair growth.


We all go through stages of I think I will grow my hair or I want it longer, ” why can I not have the hair I want” Hair can be defiant through lack of products or using the wrong products for your hair. Sometimes we are using sulphate that are in our shampoos, believe me I did not know what sulphates were and why they even mattered! Every day is a school day 🙂 If you find your strands stay frizzy and dry no matter what you do? your shampoo could be to blame! Sulphates give you that lather in the shower, that squeaky clean feel but they may be drying to your hair.

Stylists at foxandbow would recommend – Kerastase Bain Fluidealiste range as it is sulphate free


Our stylists will always be on hand for advice, it is what they master at.

I have been growing my hair since Christmas and I can hand on heart say ”this is from a girl btw who thinks, sure it will just grow” ! Without the advice from the team and the right products along the way my hair has finally flown down. The myth is if I avoid the salon like the plague my hair will be down in no time, you will not have the hair you want without getting it cut, yes and the team will tell you on each visit for colour or blow-dry okay maybe it has been 6-8 weeks you will need a cut. ”The ends can become dry and split so your not getting the length”

A regular trim will ensure minimal split ends and breakage.

Brushing the hair is a good thing, obviously with bed head in the morn! but try and minimise reaching for your brush as more than a few times a day stretches the hair. Opt for a Tangle Teezer as a bristle brush can be tougher on hair


Try and brush hair whilst wet, I swear by this brush if I am tempted during the day lets face it we all are.

Okay, so who knew but eating healthy. Just think its like what you take in you also get out. Protein is the building block of hair. We at foxandbow use the kerastase resistance range which has proteins added.


You do not have to overload on Protein, but if you think about it there must be a food source in your diet once a week if not more frequently that you eat in your diet. The body will be able to distribute were needed.

Ask your stylist on your next visit re best products for you.


Switching products, I hate this word because I would be generally quite happy with the products I am using but then wonder why my hair in different seasons is not behaving . So like we change back from summer wear to winter wear well then so does our products change. Certain products are better for different seasons.

Winter products will be moisturising and hydrating, Summer products not so heavy.

There is a vast range in foxandbow please do not be afraid to enquire about what products you can stay using now and change come winter. Take their advise, I have, my hair is better, feels better and most importantly behaves itself 🙂

We all have hair goals, so on your next visit at foxandbow do not be afraid to chat about them, we are here to give you the hair you deserve

mwah xx

Getting your Hair Festival ready..


Hands up if you are one of the lucky ones attending this years Electric Picnic..!



NOT, One bit jealous.. (Cough) I know that you already have your outfits planned, well I would anyhooo. This year was the first year that I have ever attended a festival over a few days and I was lucky enough to get to go to Somersault, castle hill estate, Devon and I had a fantastic time and I had products for my hair that were life savers as having shorter hair I was afraid it would be a holy show.

I am growing it at the mo, thanks to Ray I am managing to not freak out and cut it all back up again! Caren Cullen the Shizz Bizz is a Moroccan Oil Educator and when she is not doing hair with her eyes closed, she has great tips on how to use your products to your advantage.

Here are the Products I used: 


Moroccanoil Treatment Oil is a Fantastic product, there are two types for all hair types and light- coloured hair. This versatile, nourishing and residue-free formula can be used as a conditioning,styling and finishing tool. It mixes perfectly with other products which is a super bonus. So whether you are having a Blow-dry before heading off apply to towel-dried hair, from mid-length to ends, oh the smell is just lush as well. I use this as a styling product with Moroccan moulding cream once blow-dried and it creates that lovely texture and movement in your hair.


Moroccan oil Moulding cream creates structured styles with long lasting flexible hold. I dip my finger tips in and use 1-2 pumps of my oil and style through my hair.


Frizz Control is a must for all hair prone to frizz. It helps to control static in any weather, its weather resistant and safeguards hair.

Not to have product over-load you can use your products to get longer out of your Blow-dry and then day 2 you can plait or tie up and style as you wish and can use a leave in conditioner, we have various masks available for all types of hair from our SP Wella range and Moroccan oil. 

images (1)

Now this is the life saving brush for de-tangling and basically not pulling the head off yourself..

For all you lucky peeps heading to EP14 this September, here are some styles I quite like :



If you would like any more info on products pop into us and we will be happy to help.

All that is left to do now is enjoy the music





On Tuesday 6th of May we are hosting a DIY evening in the salon from 6pm. Easy, breezy evening for clients to bring in their own products they use at home and styling tools if they prefer.

Show you how to Shampoo, condition and treat your locks and what works best for each beautiful head of hair. We all love a great Blow-dry so we will be showing you what brushes work for certain hair styles and to achieve that look using certain brushes and the advantage of a great hair-dryer. Easy, peasy Pin-ups that you can achieve at home.

Tickets are €50 and are reedemable against products, its a win, win. 


We look forward to seeing you all on the 6th