Embrace your Colour


You always want to keep that¬†fresh from the salon hair colour but if someone could tell you how to maintain it and have it for that little bit longer.. Girl yes please ūüôā

Colour does fade this is true but colour can be maintained and we want our hair to grow that is without a doubt, healthy hair grows!

I always feel my colour has changed over time from shampooing but I have also noticed since I started using salon products recommended to me I have gotten longer and this is a hallelujah in between colour service. 


Highlights, balayage or any bleached hair do not really change extremely but you are stripping the hair of its natural pigment to achieve certain colour. your colourist will always tell you the right shampoo, conditioner and treatment mask to use , they are not making a sale believe me they are salon made products for a reason. They will be your saviour , like skin products I certainly would never go without my moisturizer for my skin why would your hair go without it! 


Highlights¬†will fade slightly over time ‘but’ having the right¬†products and¬†having a toner service in between colour service. We offer a service¬†called foxytone in salon and any bleached,¬†highlighted, balayage hair girls¬†should avail¬†of your colour will be fresh and pop to see you through until your next appointment. Toners do not last¬†forever so every couple of¬†weeks will I promise be your¬†saviour.¬†

Colour does not rinse out it oxidises that is why you are seeing colour fade, precaution to prevent this to shield hair from fade avail of these services in salon of tone , having the products you need out of salon to hand these will save your hair.